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Terms of Work / Simple

The details of how I estimate and charge for my time for projects under $750.00.

I Work Within Available Budget

I've managed budgets from $50.00 to $100,000, and in each case I've had to work within a set of constraints; small budgets are not a problem if you're willing to be flexible in your approach and maintain realistic expectations.

This page outlines my approach to pricing and delivering finished work.

For Simple Projects

Effective April 2010: My current base rate is US$75/hour, billed in 15-minute increments, for straightforward graphic production for a single person.

The process of estimating the cost of looks like this:

  1. We talk about what you want to do, and define what you will get that you can see with your own eyes.
  2. I tell you how many hours it will take, typically in increments of 1-2 hours per feature. The hourly rate is used to calculate the project cost.
  3. If that sounds good to you, you give me a deposit, typically 25% to 50% of the total price.
  4. I do the work, deliver to it for your approval, and if you like it you pay the rest of the payment due.
  5. Upon receipt of final payment, you receive all the materials you can use.

Typically, a simple project is around $250.00. For example, you could get a website template, some simple logo work, business card setup, or some writing done.

For Complex Projects