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Finding Your Way

Congratulations on your venture toward new opportunities! Need a map?

Clarifying Your Goals

My goal is to simplify and explain what you're doing for your day-to-day decision making, using concepts you can use like a compass to ensure you're moving in the right direction.

While I get along best with people who enjoy reading and thinking, there's many alternative ways I can organize and visualize your personal map.

Do you prefer drawing?

A drawing that represents choices, resources and goals. A drawing to capture a feeling about next directions. A hand written wish.

How about props that help you see the world a little differently?

A certificate to dispell chain letters...forever. A receipt that absolves you of blame. A ruler that measures social closeness.

Or maybe you like the flexibility of index cards!

Stacks of cards. Deck of task cards. Custom index cards for task management.

Or a customized Printable CEO™ form would do the trick?

High level goal tracking form. Life balance form. Resolutions progress tracking form.

Or perhaps custom digital tools are more your style...

Gantt charts to show dependencies. Online tools to track where time goes. Clock to keep you guessing about actual time.

Sometimes it just takes a good process diagram to put everything in perspective:

Notes assembled on-the-fly. Business processes distilled on one page. Complex systems diagrammed.

The possibilities are practically endless, and they will be uniquely yours. I'll use any medium, experience or idea to create something you can apply toward achieving clarity.

It's like coaching, except I also provide you with cool stuff to help you see what you need to see.

Join The Program

You can choose from any one of the methodologies you see here, from the investigative processes to the visual organizations, to meet your needs. It starts with a quick phone call to see what you really need. I'm offering:

  • Consultations by the half-hour
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Product Design sessions
  • Long-term guidance for monthly retainer
  • Business development
  • Special design projects

I can work within your budget and adapt to your situation. So why not schedule an initial consultation and find out if we click? It's less expensive than hiring someone full-time.